B e s p o k e   M o d e r n   C a m p a i g n 

Richard Wrightman’s take on campaign furniture combines the vernacular of traditional form with a modern aesthetic, mixing memory with invention and creating pieces that subtly reference the spirit of the original idea - furniture built for travel. The collection is comprised of over 50 distinct designs with over 100 variations. Each piece is built to order entirely by hand with precision, the diligence of craft, and impeccable attention to detail.

The Modern Campaign collection is offered in a variety of American and tropical hardwoods, hand-applied finishes, canvas, and leather.  Each piece can be built to custom dimensions, choice of wood, finish, and C.O.M. Some of our designs have been client driven, and we welcome the discussion of new commissions. 

Located in New York City, we build to specification for the interior design trade and private clients, offering a high degree of service and communication for each order, whether it be one item or a hundred. We have shipped furniture all over the world, ranging from a cottage in the Hamptons, to a yacht in the south of France, a palace in the Middle East, and hotels in the Indian Ocean.