O.F.S. Lounge

Available in folding or non-folding versions

Our seating collection is comprised of 30 chairs, stools, and benches.  Every piece is made to order we offer a wide variety of material options. 

Wood: 27 woods from light to dark and several specialty finishes
Fabric: Canvas, Hemp Canvas and Perennials;
19 indoor fabrics and 63 indoor/outdoor fabrics.
COM - 3 yards – 50” goods subject to approval
Upholstery Leather: 200 + leathers from Garrett Leather and Moore & Giles

Grained Leather Options: Garrett Leather – Torino or Avion

Smooth Leather Options: Moore & Giles – Mont Blanc, Notting Hill, Valhalla
English bridle leather strapping colors: 
black, dark chocolate, Havana, saddle, cognac and coach



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26” W x 33.25” D  x 31 OH”
Seat Height 16.5” at front to 14.5 at the rear
Seat Depth: 24”

Folded Dimensions:
26” W x 35”D  x 12 5/8” H