Wood and Finish Samples


All woods have been oil finished except those indicated for outdoor - all indoor finishes are available limed.


Oil Finish: Our standard finish is a hand applied polymerized tung oil finish that is water resistant and impervious to alcohol and food acids. Polymerized tung oil as a penetrating oil allows the wood to continue its aging process while enhancing the wood’s natural subtleties, becoming more beautiful over time. Any signs of wear disappears when a thin coat of oil is rubbed in.  

Limed with Oil Finish: A limed finish is similar to a cerused or a pickled finish. We fill the pores of the wood with a limed wax and then wipe off the excess. The effect of our limed finish is a beautiful contrast between the filled pores and the natural color of the wood.  We then apply the necessary coats of the oil finish described above.

Finishes are available in matte, low luster and high luster.

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