Matthiessen Cot / Coffee Table




Wood: 26 woods from light to dark and several specialty finishes 

Fabric: Canvas, Perennials or COM

Leather: 200 plus leathers from Garrett Leather and Moore & Giles or COL

Grained Leather Options: Garrett Leather – Torino or Avion

Smooth Leather Options: Moore & Giles – Mont Blanc, Notting Hill, Valhalla

English bridle leather strapping colors: 

black, dark chocolate, havana, saddle, cognac and coach


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60” L x 24” W x 17” H  
Trays 24” W x 20” D
COM – 6 yards
COL – 2 x 50 sq. ft. hides





76” L x 27” W x 17” H  
Trays 30” W x 22” D
COM – 8 yards
COL – 2 x 55 sq. ft. hides

The Matthiessen Cot/Coffee Table can be made to custom dimensions.