Collingswood Falconer's Kit


Designed exclusively for Bespoke Global as the Falconry Companion for the 2013 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts (see video) catalog, the Collingswood trunk and falcon transport case were designed as a falconer’s kit to transport 2 disassembled Chatwin dining chairs, a folding table and falcon accessories.  The trunk and case are clad with hand-stitched leather and edged with oiled walnut and darkened brass hardware, all of which was developed in-house specifically for this project. 

This design can also be made into:


Coffee Table

Chest of Drawers


Tack Trunk (equestrian)


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Top - Falcon transport case

Large Trunk:

Left side - 3 bays contain 2 Chatwin chairs in carrying cases and a folding table

Right side - backgammon board with falcon marquetry by Alexandra Llewellyn and falcon accessories 




40” W x 26” D x 35” H

The Collingswood trunk can be made in other configurations and to custom dimensions.